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I have one complaint about the 2016-present Saleen Black Label and even the 30th Annv. Championships Saleen and its the front nose on the car. The White and Yellow Label's have the Mustang GT's grille on it and it looks good even aggressive, however the Black Label has the Camaro nose and it might as well have the Bow-Tie emblem because its exactly the same and the Camaro has the worst front-end out of the Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro.


I am a Shelby owner but I have owned Saleen's in the past and been hoping Saleen comes back good so we get better Shelby's and Saleen's and I was seriously considering a new Black Label but that front-end is just horrible and looks too much like a Camaro which I cannot stand, so I bought another Shelby. My 2000 Saleen S281 SC Conv. was a great car at that time and hoping they bring back some bad ass Saleen's


Saleen offers some options that SAI does not and I got more than a few Shelby owners  to admit they would buy another Saleen but their issue is the same as mine and the front-end needs work. So, if you offered the Yellow Label with the big dog options the same as the Black one you'd be surprised at how many buyers would come back as there were no Shelby's from 1985 to 2006

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It would be safe to assume there is a reason for the different front end on the Black Label.   The more aggressive nose, which equates basically to a different hood, gets into the airflow better than the stock S550 front end will.     The Black Label, capable of 190+mph would benefit from those aero features.


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Actually the white and yellow get a new grille as well, yes the nose slopes on black label but the new 2018 now looks s bit like the black label now.  I love the design. I think like anything else, buy what you like

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I agree with WILWAXU, the white & yellow labels look like slightly modded GT's. Only way I'd buy a 15 up is Black label. It used to be if you saw a Saleen going down the road, no matter what label, SC or NA car you knew it was a Saleen. Now if its not a black label you would be hard pressed to tell its anything other than a GT. Just my .02

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