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  1. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    As of today (19 March 19), 187 Saleen products are in the registry. Ready to register your Saleen? Go to the top of this page for instructions.
  2. Team Saleen Registry Updates: 26 Jan 19 Models in the Registry: • Challenger: 1 • Explorer: 3 • Mustang: 161 • Ranger: 1 Earliest Saleen # 86-0063 Latest Saleen # 18-017 How you can add your Saleen to the official registry:
  3. Team Saleen

    Restricted Parts

    Saleen Restricted Parts We're looking at adding new parts and accessories to the Team Saleen Store. Some of these parts will be restricted for certain models only - moreover, your vehicle must be in the Saleen registry as a precursor for placing an order for these parts. You can learn more about the Saleen Registry here. We'll update as to the status of these new parts as they arrive in this forum or via e-mail to vehicles in the registry.
  4. Team Saleen

    Great car cover

    It would be cool if we could make something with those side hash marks. I'll reach out to our supplier again.
  5. S281 Dan Gurney / S281 Parnelli Jones Changes @Mike Petty noted that the @281 Dan Gurney should have been listed as H281. We have since corrected the registry to reflect that and all entries have been automatically updated.
  6. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    Thanks for taking the time to post this mistake. It has been corrected in the registry and entries automatically updated!
  7. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    There are now 150 Saleen products in the registry - the 150 mark is when we compile data and release V1 of the registry!
  8. 2005 Saleen S281 Chicago Auto Show Photos Click here for the entire image set
  9. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    There are currently 139 vehicles in the Saleen Registry. See the first post in this topic on how to add your Saleen vehicle to the registry.
  10. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    126 Saleen vehicles are now in the registry! ✌️
  11. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    As of 23 October 2018, 110 Saleens are currently in the registry.
  12. Team Saleen

    89 SSC

    It has not been added to the registry as of yet. You're welcome to drop us on occasion and inquire.
  13. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    The registry has been updated with the following changes: Registry updates and changes: 03 Oct 18: • Added FOX as a Saleen model • Added 281 SC as a model 04 Oct 18: • Changed S351 to read S351(351). 2013 Saleen Mustangs dropped the "S" and were classified as simply 351. Please note that all changes made to the registry will be noted at the end of the first post on the top of this page.
  14. Team Saleen


    Wow - THAT is sharp!
  15. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    Saleen Registry The Saleen Registry covers all Saleen models manufactured from 1984-current in one unified registry. The general purpose of the registry is to help maintain the authenticity and ownership history of every Saleen for posterity. Moreover, the Saleen registry will help Saleen better understand who owns our vehicles today and where they are at. This will aid us in better communicating with and supporting Saleen owners in everything from events to replacement parts and technical assistance. Published Registry Information The Saleen Registry will be published when enough statistical information is sufficient in spreadsheet format for anyone to view and download in both MacOS and Windows formats. Updated registries will be released when enough new data warrants such. Please note that we will NOT share owner / personal information, complete VINs (last 6-digits only), the Saleen production number, etc. How Does It Work? 1. In order to add your Saleen(s) to the registry, you will first need to create an account here. 2. After your account is created, you can access the registry here. How to update my Saleen's Registry / What Registry Number is my Saleen ? Once your submit your Saleen, you'll be taken to a page like this. Click on the link to edit your Saleen's entry. After clicking on the edit link, click the "SEARCH" button to view / edit your Saleen(s) details. After clicking the search button, you'll be directed to a page detailing all of the Saleen products that you've registered. The first column, "SALEEN REGISTRY NUMBER" will show what number your Saleen is in the registry. Each Saleen receives a unique registry number, automatically assigned in numeric order based on when it was registered. In this sample case, this Saleen is number 1 in the registry. Whoever registers their Saleen next would be number 2 and so forth. Should you have more than one Saleen registered, they will be easily searchable based on the year, last 6-digits of the VIN and the Saleen production number. If you need to edit a particular Saleen's registry information, simply click on the more "View Details" link. Note that you'll only be able to view and edit your own Saleen's information based on your login information. / /