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  1. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    Saleen Registry decals will begin to ship out this week! 😍 If you registered your Saleen after 21 May 2019 and entered your mailing address, you'll automatically receive your decal(s). • If you registered your Saleen before 21 May 2019 or did not enter your mailing address, follow this link for how to receive your decal(s).
  2. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry Decals

    The Saleen Registry decals will begin to ship out on Monday (Carlisle slightly delayed us). 😍
  3. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry Decals

    Check out the screen shots above - you'll find your Saleen's registry number when you login and click the edit link. EXCELLENT! These will be going out when we return from Carlisle.
  4. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry Decals

    Saleen Registry Decals If you've registered your Saleen in the official Team Saleen Registry after 21 May 2019 AND entered your mailing address, you will automatically receive a Saleen Registry decal(s). These decals measure 2" x 2" and make a proud statement that your Saleen is part of the official registry! If you registered your Saleen before 21 May 2019 or did not enter your mailing address, you will need to edit your registry information and update your mailing address. If you haven't registered your Saleen yet, you can do so by clicking here. How do I know if my Saleen is already registered? STEP 1: Go to the AllFordRegistry.com, login and scroll down to the Saleen section. Click on the "Edit" link. STEP 2: Click on the "Search" button. STEP 3: If your Saleen is in the registry, it will show your Saleen's unique registry number on the far left. If no records are found, a "No records found" note will appear. You can add your Saleen in the registry by clicking here. Need Help? Contact us here.
  5. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    Welcome to the Saleen Registry!
  6. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    As of today (19 March 19), 187 Saleen products are in the registry. Ready to register your Saleen? Go to the top of this page for instructions.
  7. Team Saleen Registry Updates: 26 Jan 19 Models in the Registry: • Challenger: 1 • Explorer: 3 • Mustang: 161 • Ranger: 1 Earliest Saleen # 86-0063 Latest Saleen # 18-017 How you can add your Saleen to the official registry:
  8. Team Saleen

    Restricted Parts

    Saleen Restricted Parts We're looking at adding new parts and accessories to the Team Saleen Store. Some of these parts will be restricted for certain models only - moreover, your vehicle must be in the Saleen registry as a precursor for placing an order for these parts. You can learn more about the Saleen Registry here. We'll update as to the status of these new parts as they arrive in this forum or via e-mail to vehicles in the registry.
  9. Team Saleen

    Great car cover

    It would be cool if we could make something with those side hash marks. I'll reach out to our supplier again.
  10. S281 Dan Gurney / S281 Parnelli Jones Changes @Mike Petty noted that the @281 Dan Gurney should have been listed as H281. We have since corrected the registry to reflect that and all entries have been automatically updated.
  11. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    Thanks for taking the time to post this mistake. It has been corrected in the registry and entries automatically updated!
  12. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    There are now 150 Saleen products in the registry - the 150 mark is when we compile data and release V1 of the registry!
  13. 2005 Saleen S281 Chicago Auto Show Photos Click here for the entire image set
  14. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    There are currently 139 vehicles in the Saleen Registry. See the first post in this topic on how to add your Saleen vehicle to the registry.
  15. Team Saleen

    Saleen Registry

    126 Saleen vehicles are now in the registry! ✌️